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About AiPai Web


What is AiPai Web?

AiPai Web is a website that helps Nunavik students learn to type Inuktitut using syllabics. AiPai Web teaches all characters used in Nunavik Inuktitut in a sequence of 34 lessons, random practice texts and races against opponents.

Where is Nunavik?

Nunavik is the region of Québec north of the 55th parallel. It is home to 11,627 inhabitants (2006 census), of whom 90% are Inuit. Nunavik means "place to live" in the local dialect of Inuktitut. The Inuit inhabitants of the region call themselves Nunavimmiut.

I'm not a Nunavik student? Can I use AiPai Web?

Yes. Even though AiPai Web has been developed for the Inuit students of Nunavik, everyone is welcome to use AiPai Web. If you want to use AiPai Web you can login as a guest. Or, if you prefer to keep track of your progress, you can create a username and login that way.

Using AiPai Web is free of charge for everyone to use for learning to type Nunavik syllabics. However, you cannot copy, reproduce, sell, translate or modify AiPai Web in any way. We also do not promise technical support for non-Nunavik students.

How can I make suggestions or contribute text?

We welcome your suggestions and the addition of your texts. If you have a text that you would like to see added to AiPai Web, you can send it to us. Go to Contact us to do this. We do not guarantee that we will add your text but we will try to do so if possible.

How was AiPai Web developed?

AiPai Web was developed thanks to funding provided through the New Paths for Education initiative and the Kativik School Board. The Inuktitut texts in AiPai Web come from AiPai Typing Tutor, the predecessor to AiPai Web which was only compatible with older Macintosh computers. The pedagogical and technical development of AiPai Web was realized in partnership with IXMedia and Technologies Qaritaujaq.